Bridge Church

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What is Bridge Church?

Bridge Church is a ministry founded and operated by the Cathedral Church of St. Luke & St. Paul in Charleston, SC.  It is a collaborative ministry of Charleston area churches to take church outside of the walls of our regular church buildings, to love our neighbors, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What is the mission of Bridge Church?

Our mission is to reach and engage people in our community who, for a variety of reasons, do not attend church.  This is a church for the poor, homeless, passer by, college student, and all others the Lord may draw in order that they might come to know God’s love for them expressed most perfectly through the sacrificial death of his son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

20141115_171837What happens at each gathering?

We meet each Saturday at 5pm for a church service under an overpass near the Ravenel Bridge. The service starts with table fellowship and the sharing of a hot meal.   Musicians then lead us in song to magnify and praise God, and to help prepare our hearts for a message preached from God’s Word.  After the message, we respond to God, and the message we have heard, though prayer and song.

What else?

Finally, we work together with church attendees to identify and respond to the needs of the individual and of the community. (Matt. 25) 

How can I get involved?

Please pray for Bridge Church, and consider helping with cooking, greeting people, setting up or breaking down the tables chairs and sound equipment. Contact Tom Hample at 810-9592 to find out more. 

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