Church Vestry

T odd Lant – Senior Warden

Quentin Jackson – Junior Warden

Seth Whitaker – Treasurer

Robert Cale – Vestry Member

Robert Canty – Vestry Member

Matthew Lambert – Vestry Member

Carol Galvan – Vestry Member

Beth Webb Hart – Vestry Member

James McKinney – Vestry Member

Alston Middleton – Vestry Member

Rachel Mink Spencer – Vestry Member

Daniel Vice – Vestry Member





What is a vestry?

The vestry is a group of elected members of the congregation roughly equivalent to a board of non-ordained elders in an evangelical church. Vestry members serve for terms of 3 years and are elected by the church members each year at our Annual Meeting. At the Cathedral we ask that Vestry members fulfill certain expectations (see below) are willing to commit to our Leadership Covenant before they serve.

Vestry members’ basic responsibilities are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church’s mission by word and deed, to select the rector, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances. The vestry is responsible for all financial decisions of the parish. All larger expenditures, acquisitions, property sales, etc., must first be approved by the vestry.

The rector and wardens (Senior and Junior, who each serve two year terms) are members of the vestry along with nine regular vestry members (three are elected each year). The rector is the presiding officer at vestry meetings, and each vestry member including the rector and wardens is permitted one vote.

Vestry Expectations

Vestry members are expected to:

  1. Embrace the Christian faith once delivered to the Apostles as expressed in Scriptures and the Creeds.
  2. Support the Vision and Values of The Cathedral and commit to the Cathedral Leadership Covenant.
  3. Be active in weekly worship and daily prayer.
  4. Participate in a Community Group.
  5. Be a Sacrificial Giver and have turned in a written pledge card.
  6. Attend the Vestry meetings on the fourth Monday of the month and any other special meetings of the Vestry that may be necessary.
  7. Attend the annual Vestry retreat.
  8. Be actively involved in giving time and talents in a Christian ministry at church.
  9. Lead by a ministry of presence at church-wide events and programs.
  10. Assist in counting the weekly cash offering on a rotating basis.

How did the name “vestry” come about?

The term “vestry” refers to the room where clergy “vest” or put on their robes before the service. Centuries ago, a group of lay-leaders held parish meetings in the vestry room of their church. Over time the name of the room became the name of the group. The name stuck and spread.

Want to know more?

Click here to read an article by Peet Dickinson, Dean & Rector, about who the vestry is and what they do.