Clergy Cottage Makeover!

Clergy Cottage After 1The clergy cottage at our Diocesan Camp and Conference Center, St Christopher, received the beginnings of a much needed makeover on Saturday, September 21st. A team from the Cathedral (David Adams, Sarah Anthony, Jonathan & Melissa Bennett, John, Lynn, & Gayle Cunningham, Peet Dickinson,  Rachel Mink, Frank Prochazka, Stacy Prutting, Ned & Barbara Simmons) worked tirelessly from 9am-7.30pm to transform the living room and eat-in kitchen by painting the dark panelling on the walls with new fresh paint colors chosen by Sarah Anthony, Edward Anthony, and Ryn Hester.

A huge thank you to all of those who participated, and to all of you who donated Lowes Gift cards and cash to help pay for the paint. The Rev. Bob Lawrence, Director of Camp St Christopher, also gave a heart felt thank you at our 9.15am service the day after.

We will return after the New Year to finish the job, so if you missed out on helping this time, sign up for our next work day once the date is announced! Next time we will work on finishing the interior of the cottage. Clergy Cottage BeforeClergy Cottage RachelClergy Cottage Ned



Clergy Cottage After 2Clergy Cottage Kitchen 1

Clergy Cottage Peet 2Clergy Cottage After 3Clergy Cottage After 4Clergy Cottage After 1

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