Coming Close: Fat and Rich Food

Peet DickinsonI recently prayed Psalm 63 as part of the worship of my Community Group and after praying this Psalm together with hands lifted high we immediately sat down and partook of a scrumptious egg and sausage breakfast casserole.  One of the guys in the group took a big fork full of the casserole ready to take a bite and with great joy recited verse 5 of the Psalm.

My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips,
(Psalm 63:5 ESV)

Boy was that casserole delicious!  I’m still thinking about it several days later, and I am so thankful that my brother made the link between that casserole and the praises of the Psalm.  In this Psalm of David, the King, who is no stranger to scrumptious food, regards the presence of the Lord as a gastronomic delicacy for his soul.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, used similar language when describing the Scriptures, which are the glorious revelation of God and a powerful and central way for us to encounter him.  Cranmer wrote, “In the scriptures be the fat pastures of the soul; therein is no venomous meat, no unwholesome thing; they be the very dainty and pure feeding.”  I’m guessing that the Archbishop had this Psalm in mind as he spoke of the Bible like this and the experience of the Christian who spends time with the Lord in his Word.

I have heard that in order to receive three Michelin stars, a restaurant has to be the kind of place people will make a special trip to come and try, and when I mean a special trip, I mean flights, hotels, and taxis, not just a trip across town.  Now, not many of us have ever eaten at a Michelin three star restaurant, but we have had memorable meals.  There are certain dishes that our grandma makes or used to make that we still can remember so vividly as to even taste it without it being in our mouth.  That is the kind of savoring that the Psalmist is describing when he describes the powerful and glorious presence of the Lord.  The satisfaction he mentions in verse 5 is the deep satisfaction we see in the visage of one who has tasted something truly awesome!  The eyes are closed tight.  The corners of the mouth can’t help but curl up in a smile, and the hands go right back for more.

Oh, to be in the presence of the Lord!  Do we savor that?  Will we make the trip to be at the Lord’s three star restaurant?  Do we taste and see that the Lord is good?