Did you make it to…?

“How Then Shall We Live?”

How Then Shall We Live WellbrockThis excellent conference, held in April, saw 70 people, of all ages, from 9 different churches, Anglican and non-Anglican, come to the Cathedral for an excellent time of worship, teaching and prayer.

Our adult teacher, the Rev. Chris Warner, spent the weekend unpacking what it means to live as Christian who knows their true identity in Christ. At the same time, Elizabeth Vice and her team helped the children explore the same ideas by using some incredibly engaging methods for our children.

If you couldn’t make it, you missed out, but don’t worry because: (1) the teachings were recorded and are available online and on CD; (2) we plan to do a similar event on September 20/21, with the Rev. Dr. Peter Walker from Trinity School for Ministry. Watch this space for more details.