The Unexpected

The 2012 Insurance Adjustment

In 2011 the Cathedral was struck by lightening. (The organ, wheelchair lift, hvac system and electrical systems in the church were all significantly damaged- at this time all have been restored thanks to insurance.)  In many places this would be viewed as a tragic event; however, for the Cathedral, this event is seen as the Lord’s generous provision.

In the days that followed, the Cathedral leadership became aware of the parish’s significantly under-funded insurance policy.  In the event of a true disaster, like a Hurricane, the Church building would not have had sufficient insurance.

The impact of this circumstance:

Correcting the situation resulted in an increase in insurance premium of roughly $100.000.00 in a single budget year.  (2011- 2012)

You can make a gift toward this need simply by making a donation and indicating “INSURANCE” in the memo.

To learn more about the parish’s insurance or the “rest of this story” contact- Prioleau Alexander,