It was a great work day!

Volunteers Clergy CottageA team from the Cathedral, of about twenty people, spent all day Saturday, February 1, painting and refurbishing the Clergy Cottage at Camp St Christopher in an effort to bless our camp and Diocesan clergy. This was the second such day, and this time we focussed mainly on the bedrooms.

A camp representative said of our work day: “Thank y’all again for being involved, present, and invested at St. Christopher. We all can see the difference that you are helping make here. It is beautiful to know that you all are doing such a great job in partnering to further His glory in this place.”

Thank you to Sarah Anthony for heading this up, and for everyone else who came out and joined us that day. And thank you to all of you who could not come but who donated money and furnishings. We are not done yet, but a lot has already been achieved!

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