ned-indiaNed and Barbara Simmons and Charles and Bradford Marshall will be joining friends Jean and Johnnie Corbett on a Healing Mission to India.  We will be serving under and with The Rt. Rev. Dr. Probal Dutta, the Bishop of the Church of Northern India in the diocese of Durgapur.  We will be teaching the healing ministry of Jesus with Christian leaders during the day, and participating in healing services at Festivals of Hope during the evening.

Bishop Dutta is also having us go to the less frequently visited area of his diocese near the Bangladesh border.  Here we will be teaching and praying and distributing 1000 Bibles in the native language of tribal villagers in that area.

Please pray for us now as we prepare, and while we are on mission taking the healing power of Jesus beyond St. Luke and St. Paul to India.

Everliving God, Whose will it is that all should come to You through Your Son Jesus Christ:  Inspire our witness to Him, that all may know the power of His forgiveness and healing, and the hope of His resurrection; who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.