Our Vision

‘Being the Heart of God for the heart of Charleston’

We believe that the Cathedral’s vision is to be the heart of God for the heart of Charleston. Not only has God has placed the Cathedral at the very heart of the Charleston peninsula geographically, but God has called us to have his heart, being a church transformed by his love in order that we might be used by him to love others and accomplish his purposes.

The heart of God is for His world; to restore the broken creation; to raise the fallen hearts of men and women through His son Jesus Christ. He always uses His people with His heart to accomplish His good purposes. Therefore, at the heart of all we do is the gospel: the good news that God loves us, and has sent his son Jesus to rescue us from sin, and restore us in order that we might know him and live for him.


There are six values where we have identified that God is particularly at work in our midst to accomplish his vision. Each of these is an outworking of the gospel message that we have to proclaim and they are all grounded in the truth of scripture, which is God’s inspired word to us. Therefore they are not necessarily new things, but rather ‘old’ values that are specific to us in our time and our context now.


“Being the Heart of God for the Heart of Charleston”
Sunday, November 4, 2012
Mr. Willis Weber


Annual Report 2015 (Reduced)
Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Treasurer’s Report for Annual Meeting