Playground Dedication

Dedicated to the memory of Miss Catherine Arnold

Catherine Arnold called the Charleston poor house home, along with her mother, for the first months of life.  Not long after taking her first steps, now a toddler, she was sent to the Charleston Orphan House following the death of her mother.  She remained in residence at the Charleston Orphan House located on Calhoun Street for the remainder of her life.
As a young woman she became a teacher to the children in the home.  Our church recognizes her as our own; because, this was her church.  She was a member of St. Paul’s, died and was buried as “a lady” in the church yard.  Catherine died in 1910 at the age of 64. (the 100th anniversary of St. Paul’s)  She spent her whole life dwelling in this four block area.
She died with the means to afford a large granite marker and left a portion of her estate to St. Paul’s.  Her burial marker was relocated for the original site of our playground.  We are grateful to have her testament of faith and care for young believers.  Like Miss Arnold, faith can deliver us from humble beginnings to the glory of Saints.

*Miss Arnold’s grave is the only one in the churchyard without a date of birth. The exact date was not known. 

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