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A s we mature in faith and understanding, the Lord calls his people to transform from “church goer” to “Kingdom builder.” When you are ready to serve here, there are many areas where you can use the abilities, skills, and spiritual gifts you have been given.  Not sure how to get started?  Contact to learn more about discerning an area of ministry that “fits” you best.

Serving in Worship

Worship in the Cathedral community makes space for people to hear the voice of the Lord and to give glory and honor to the King of Kings. People, serving on one or on several teams associated with the worship expression of the congregation, commit to lead by example. They commit to serve regularly and to offer their best energy in enthusiastic celebration of the Lord.

To learn more about serving in worship contact Jacob Graudin at .

People are serving in worship as…


Altar Guild

Change Ringers

Chalicists & Prayer Leaders

Cathedral Choir


Praise Team

Prayer Servants


Serving in Hospitality

The mission of the Hospitality Ministry at the Cathedral is three-fold:

  1. To ensure guests and members know how special they are to our church community
  2. To communicate through our actions that we are a church, but we aren’t “churchee”
  3. To reflect the love of Christ in everything we do

To accomplish this, the Hospitality Team does everything with excellence. Whether it’s our Sunday Hospitality Hour, Movie Night in the Courtyard, a Discipleship Program, or a Conference on the grounds, we treat every event as if “company is coming.”

As a member of the Hospitality Team, you can choose to do a lot or a little. The only qualifications are that you have a cheerful, genuine disposition, and a heart for “doing what it takes” to make another person feel special, welcomed, and loved.

To learn more about Hospitality teams contact

Serving in Generational Faithfulness

The activity of growing generational faithfulness across a community of faith is happening whenever two or three gather in the name of the Lord.

  • Learning from the Scriptures,
  • Teaching others what you discover about God, and
  • Sharing the testimony of God’s Faithfulness influences multiple generations who love, honor and follow Jesus Christ.

The daily expression of devotion to God’s Word and to prayer offered by every person in the Cathedral community builds up the body, each household, and the wider world.  As people come together in “Community Groups” faith increases as we experience genuine friendship and witness lives change.

To teach or share something you are discovering in your life because of God contact