Altar Guild

Photo by Robert Ballard

What is the Altar Guild?

The Altar Guild is a lay service group in a church who prepare the altar and maintain the furnishings in a church building.  In the early days of the Church the duty of caring for the Altar and sanctuary was the concern of the priests and attendants.  In certain parts of the world nuns then did this work. In more recent years, these duties have been performed by a group of women and men known as the Altar Guild.

What does the Altar Guild do?

Following procedures and traditions of the Church, the Altar Guild functions “behind the scenes,” before and after each service, polishing the silver and brass, washing and ironing the linens, and preparing the sanctuary for worship. They usually supervise all seasonal church decorations and all flower arrangements. During Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter the Altar Guild works extra hard to support many special services.

Contact the Altar Guild Director

Sallie Ballard

Why do people serve on the Altar Guild?

Serving on the Altar Guild provides a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth through humble service, and the opportunity to help as assistants to the priest  in making the worship life of the parish run smoothly.

The Altar Guild may be for you if:

  • You would like to serve in a quiet yet important way.
  • You only have a few hours each month available to serve.
  • You want to be involved, but don’t feel comfortable “up front.”
  • You would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the elements and symbolism liturgy.

What are the time requirements?

One weekend a month, plus special services.  More time is required during Easter and Christmas.

Step One: Talk to Father Peet

Share with Father Peet that you have interest in this ministry.  You can either call the office or simply email

Step Two: Meet with Sallie

With the permission of the Rector, have an initial meeting with the Altar Guild Director, Sallie Ballard – email to arrange to meet.

Step Three: A Season for Training

Shadow an existing team for 6 months

Step Four: Serve on a Team

Join one of the Altar Guild Teams

Step Five: Teach Others to Serve

(optional) After a year of service on an Altar Guild Team, explore the option to become an Altar Guild team captain with Sallie and Father Peet.