Cathedral Choir

What is a choir?

A cathedral choir is a musical ensemble of singers who sing in a cathedral. Sometimes these can be all male or all female, however, at the Cathedral of St Luke and St Paul we have both men and women in the choir. Typically these groups are led by a choirmaster, and this is true of our Cathedral, where the choir is led by Paul Thomas, who is also our organist. The choirmaster is the person who not only conducts the choir on Sunday morning, but who also trains them, both as an ensemble, and individually, during the week.

Why do we have a choir?

Music plays a very significant part of Christian worship. It helps us to bring words alive and make them memorable, and it adds beauty to the liturgy and lifts the hearts of those who sing and those who listen. Much of our well known church music over the centuries was composed to be performed in large churches and cathedrals. We have a very special responsibility as stewards of this precious musical heritage.

What does the choir do?

Cathedral choirs exist to support the worship of the people, and as such have various duties. They lead choral worship at the Eucharist on Sundays, and also at the great Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas. The repertoire the choirs sing is exceptionally varied and encompasses over a thousand years worth of music. At The Cathedral of St Luke and St Paul the choir leads the singing at our 11.00am Rite I service of Holy Eucharist.

Who can join the choir?

Anyone who is interested is welcome to inquire.

Is training provided?

Absolutely. As we mentioned above, our choirmaster, Paul Thomas, meets weekly with our choir to train them and to practice for the Sunday service. Further training can also be given outside of this time, if requested.

Learn about the choir?

Contact Paul Thomas, Director of Choral Ministry