What is a greeter?

Greeters (also known as “ushers”) are lay people who stand at the door and greet people as they arrive at church. They also perform various other roles during the service such as helping seat people as needed, and answering visitor’s questions.  Greeters should be considered ambassadors for Christ as they are the first representative of the church that most people meet as they arrive. Therefore this role should not be underestimated. Greeters can set the tone for the whole experience that people will have at the church service that day.

The characteristics of a greeter

Ultimately a greeter seeks to be like Christ, representing him as best they can.  First, and foremost, they should be able to give a genuinely loving welcome to all who arrive at the church. The greeter should seek to be calm even when things may go wrong. They should seek to go out of their way to help newcomers ‘navigate’ our church and have the best experience possible. They should be team players, seeking to serve all others who are helping in leading the service that day. They should be humble and prayerful in all they do as a greeter.

Learn more about serving as a greeter

If you are interested in serving in this capacity at either our 9.15am or 11.00am service on Sunday then contact Kelli Hample. 
843. 722. 7345

What are the specific roles of a greeter at the Cathedral?

Before the service:

  • The church greeters should pray for all of the people that they will welcome today, asking God to help them to make each person feel cared for as they arrive at the church
  • The greeter should be at church at least twenty minutes before the service begins to make sure that they are ready and that any last minute issues can be dealt with
  • They should also do a quick check of all the pews to make sure that hymnals, prayer books, bibles, pencils and visitor cards are all in place, and that no trash has been left behind from a previous service
  • Make sure we have enough bulletins and that none of them are in poor condition

During the service:

  • Position yourselves at the main door and the side door as people begin arriving
  • Give people a smile and a warm welcome as they arrive, giving out bulletins and children’s Sunday Papers and fidget kits as needed
  • Answer questions as they are asked, and help people find what they need
  • Take an attendance count, including all adults, children, choir, servers, and ministers in attendance
  • At 11am let the Children’s Chapel know when to come back in
  • Take up and present the offertory
  • Help people to receive communion in an orderly manner

After the service:

  • Continue to be available to answer peoples’ questions
  • Once most people have left the church building help tidy up by going through the pews and picking up any trash, or putting away any books (also make sure to look out for any visitor cards that have been filled out)
  • Any service booklets that are going to be reused should be put in a basket in the Vestry.

Is training provided?

Absolutely! If you become a part of our team of greeters you will be trained and then given the opportunity to shadow another greeter the Sunday before you do it for the first time.