Sunday Hospitality Team

Serving on a Sunday Hospitality Team

Sunday Hospitality is one of the best times to engage new people, foster warmth and relationship relationships, and ensure visitors and guests feel welcome. (A couples reported they joined the parish because they met more people in one week than in 3 months at another Charleston Church)

Serving as part of this team you can expect to give around 1 hour and 15 minutes of time a month in preparation and execution of this job.

Team members are encouraged but NOT required to occasionally bring in home-baked treats or fresh fruit for the Hospitality Hour.

  • Around 10:30 a.m. the Captain and the Team hover around the table
  • The team makes a special effort to welcome and converse with anyone they don’t recognize.
  • The team keeps an eye on coffee, lemonade, and cookies and dispatches someone to refill any food or beverage that get low while people are still mingling.

To become part of one or all of these Hospitality Teams contact


Sunday Hospitality Step-by-Step

We have some members of The Hospitality Team who attend the 9:15 service, and some who attend the 11:00 service.

  • When attending 9:15- arrive at 8:45 to do their initial set-up, then attend the service, then slip out after Communion to finish the set-up. 
  • When attending 11:00- arrive at 10:00 and do the set-up, so it will be ready at 10:30 when the 9:15 service ends.

Captain checks the weather

The Hospitality Captain should arrive early and makes the call on whether the Hospitality Hour will be held in the Courtyard (do this as often as weather permits) or in Wellbrock Hall.  (check the weather here in advance)

The Team arrives early

  • if attending 9:15 come at 8:45a.m.
  • if attending 11:00 come at 10:00 a.m.

The Table and Tablecloth

Advise the Sexton, Anthony Royal, of your inside/outside decision, and he’ll set up the tables. Anthony is OFF one Sunday per month, usually the 4th Sunday. If he’s not here, please set up the table, too.


  • Make three pitchers of lemonade, and put in refrigerator.
  • Fill the large glass urn dispenser half full with water.


Make coffee, and pour into the coffee urns.

  • Each urn will hold 1 1/2 pots of coffee.
  • Use the Cathedral coffee scoop for measuring of grounds.
  • Orange top urns are for decaf.
  • The green “Brew” button starts the machine and water is supplied by a waterline.

Stock Coffee Serving Trays

Check that Coffee Serving trays are stocked and insulated cream pitchers are half full  (we have two).

  • In summer prepare one coffee tray set up.
  • In the remainder of the year prepare two trays.

Plate the Refreshments

  • Plate the cookies on glass serving trays and leave in the kitchen. In “fly season,” use the red screen cookie covers

Set the Table

Our goal is excellent, clean, beautiful presentation. (If you attend the 9:15 service, remember you will need to slip out after communion to complete the process of setting the table)

  • ice the lemonade and water
  • then put everything on the table
  • If Anthony is OFF, please do the clean up afterward.

Hot Tea

If you have a few spare moments, bless the “Brits” among us and set out the Hot Tea too.