Prayer Servants

Who are Prayer Servants?

The Lord has named us “a people who pray”.

We were given another prophetic word from the Lord during a conference where they saw a vision of someone walk to the front doors of the church and say “Is this the church where people get healed?”  

We are all called to pray

At the Cathedral the vision for our Prayer Servant ministry is to raise up leaders who then train up our congregation to pray.  Prayers of intercession, words of encouragement, prayer for physical healing, prayers that set our hearts free and prayers of blessing.  As Christians we are all called to pray, not just a select few, but everyone!  We are already becoming that people and will continue to focus our training on becoming that very blessing to all who walk through our doors and outside our walls.


If you are interested in joining this community of prayer servants, contact Kelli Hample, or phone 843.722.7345


To see our Prayer Team serving schedule click here.