St NicholasSunday, December 14, 4pm

Join us for this fun celebration for all ages and find out more about how the legend of Santa Claus began.

Did you know that there was a real man called Nicholas who was made a saint? Santa actually means Saint, and the word for Claus is another name for Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was the son of wealthy parents who died when he was young. Nicholas decided that he would use his wealth generously, and there are a number of stories about how he gave secretly to people in great need.

At this event we will celebrate St Nicholas, but more than this, we will seek to learn how we can emulate him, and ultimately Jesus as people who are generous with what we have. We will do this through craft activities, story telling, making cards, and worship together. We will also have some and yummy treats to eat and drink. And Who knows? St Nicholas himself might even show up…! Bring your family, bring a friend, bring a neighbor; all are welcome!

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