An excellent start; Praise God!

We began our trip this morning confident, eager, and just a little bit nervous.  Everyone made it to the airport in good time and with no forgotten luggage – at least as far as we know!  An excellent start; Praise God!

Unfortunately, we’ve also encountered our first stumbling block.  In what was presumably a failure to carefully check Owaldi’s departure ticket, I purchased a ticket on the same planes, at the same times…but on the wrong day.  It was a tense morning at the checkout counter, but I am proud to report we didn’t allow this to drag us down.  Christ has graciously undertaken to rectify this oversight on my part so that we can get Owaldi here tomorrow.  I pray that the Lord will make it so.  If it be His will, then I know we’ll see him then.
The remainder of the trip has been blessedly issue free; Praise God again.  May that that continue.  I am looking forward to experiencing the Holy Spirit’s work through all of the team members, myself included.  in that, I pray for God’s divine revelation of our specific mission here in the Dominican Republic and ask that Padre Felix speak that mission to us in His voice.
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