Who We Are

If you are looking for a church, it’s only natural to ask, “Who are you?”

We would say:

We are followers of Jesus Christ.

We love the Word of God.

We are orthodox in our way of understanding the spiritual life.

photo by R.Ballard

Some other things we would say…

We are worshipers enjoying spirit filled- historic, traditional and contemporary forms.

We are people who have been hurt because of sin and are healed because of the love of Christ.

We are households, parents and grandparents who want to raise Christian children who are grounded in faith and strong character.

We want genuine friendships and enjoy gathering in small “Community Groups.”

We are people that give as we see need and tangibly encourage the poor, the lonely and the lost.

We are so glad to be part of an amazing neighborhood and enjoy being active citizens of Midtown.


We want you to enjoy the presence of the Lord in worship and to hear God’s voice.

We want you to experience genuine friendship with us and with the Lord.

We want you to join us in the joyful life of Christian hospitality and welcome and serve others because of the love of Jesus Christ.

See you on Sunday.