Our Story

T he Cathedral Building was consecrated as St. Paul’s Radcliffborogh in 1816.

In 1949 St. Paul’s Radcliffeborough and St. Luke’s Wraggsborough were merged to form the Church of St. Luke an St. Paul.

During the civil rights period of American history, the parish Church of St. Luke and St. Paul was named the Cathedral for the Diocese of SC in 1963.

in the years between each of these milestones worship, ministry and mission impacted many lives…

Currently, The Very Rev. R. Peet Dickinson IV has been serving as Dean of SC and Rector since 2009.  The parish continues to boldly proclaim the Gospel within the ever dynamic neighborhood of Midtown.

The Cathedral is becoming a place that is…

  • A center for healing and restoration.

  • A friend to Midtown.

  • A community of people experiencing genuine friendships across generations.

Historic Preservationists will enjoy…

The History of the Parish

Bell Ringing Enthusiasts will enjoy…

The History of the Bells