Worship With Us

We are your Cathedral.

This Cathedral is a community of regular people enjoying the adventure of the Christian life together.  Come see us at the corner of Coming and Vanderhorst Streets in Midtown, Charleston

You can …

play on the playground
share coffee with a friend in the courtyard
join us for worship at one of the services
enjoy the beauty of the building’s early American architecture
hear the voice of the Lord in prayer
attend a concert and enjoy the grand acoustics
say hello to our staff or clergy

About our Service

To live as a Christian is to respond to God in thanksgiving for our creation, redemption, and all the blessings of this life. “Eucharist” means thanksgiving, and this service of thanksgiving is at the heart of the life of appreciation for God. It is the one service Jesus gave to his church and commanded us to use.

To know more about how we worship and why please read this Instructed Eucharist Bulletin

The Service of the Word

The pattern is very simple. It falls into two parts. In the first, after preparing ourselves, we hear again in readings from the Bible what God has done for us, culminating in the Gospel, God’s perfect word to us in Jesus Christ. This is expounded in the sermon and affirmed in the Creed.

The Service of Communion

The second part expresses our response to God, beginning with prayers for the world. Then, we greet one another with a sign of reconciliation and peace, we bring our thank-offerings to the altar. In the great Prayer of Thanksgiving which follows these offerings become, we believe, the Body and Blood of Christ, of his community and his life. We join our self-offering to his, who alone made the perfect response of love to God, asking that we may be accepted with him and in him. That acceptance is joyfully sealed in the receiving of Holy Communion.

So we go out, strengthened to live our daily life to God’s glory.