Cathedral Student Ministry

We believe discipleship begins in the home, with parents and the local church as aligned allies for the sake of the Gospel.

When your child enters middle & high school, we create spaces to practice wisdom & mature faith in Jesus. 

At the Cathedral, our Student Ministry exists to form middle & high school students in Christ by creating spaces to:

Belong, Believe, Become, Build

Discover our spaces

Spaces to Belong


IKON | Middle School Group

IKON will begin on Sunday, January 23rd from 6:30-8pm

PHOS | High School Group

PHOS will begin on Sunday, January 23rd from 6:30-8pm

Students United

Middle & High School

Our students live in a diverse city where it’s easy to feel scattered rather than together. So, once a semester, our Cathedral Students gather together at Students United with other Anglican student ministries to make incredible memories!

This Spring, Students United will be on Sunday, February 20th.

A Gospel to Believe


Middle & High School

There are so many pressing realities facing students. The good news is: the Gospel story is always bigger, so any question is welcome and, we believe, will ultimately lead back to Christ.