Cathedral Student Ministry

We believe discipleship begins in the home, with parents and the local church as aligned allies for the sake of the Gospel.

When your child enters middle & high school, we give them space to practice a mature, persevering faith in Jesus. 

At the Cathedral, our Student Ministry exists to form middle & high school students in Christ by creating spaces to

[Belong] [Believe] [Become] [Build]

Discover our Spaces

  • Groups

    [A place to belong]
    ikon | Middle School Group

    Sundays from 6-7:30pm

    High School Group

    Fridays from 6-7:30pm

  • Students United

    [A place to belong together]
    Middle & High School

    Our students live in a diverse city where it’s easy to feel scattered rather than together. So, a few times a semester, Cathedral Students gather together at United to make great memories together! Keep scrolling to find out when our next United will be!

  • Formation

    [A Gospel to Believe]
    Middle School

    Sundays from 9:15-10:15am     This is a space for middle schoolers to learn about God, the Bible, the Church, and the Gospel. 

    High School

    Sundays from 9:15-10:15am      High schoolers are encouraged to find an adult formation class, or catch up with other students at Kudu coffee down the street!

  • Baptism & Confirmation

    [Becoming part of the Body]

    Baptism & Confirmation are huge milestones in the life of a disciple of Jesus! 

    The water of Baptism identifies you with Jesus’s death & resurrection, and celebrates your adoption into the Church. 

    Confirmation marks your mature commitment to Christ & the Church by the laying on of the Bishop’s hands. 

    Find out more about taking your next step of Baptism or Confirmation by contacting our Student Ministry Director Hunter!

  • Retreats

    [A space away to become more like JEsus]
    Mondo | Middle School

    $140 | October 11-13

    Regenerate | High School

    $140 | November 8-10

  • Rhythms

    [Practices to become more like Jesus every day]

    There is no part of your life the Gospel doesn’t touch! So, we teach students to practice a daily rhythm of praying, reading the Bible, and journaling.

    Grab a journal & daily prayer guide from the Student Room and join in the rhythm

  • Serving

    [Building up the Body]

    Jesus saves us & calls us to serve others for the sake of the Gospel. Serving is about building your life on the reality of the Kingdom, not just doing good things.

    We offer many opportunities to serve. Discover the way you can serve on Sundays and throughout the week, then email the team leader, and get involved.