Sabbatical Offering


This summer, our Dean and Rector Peet Dickinson and his family will be taking a much needed  Sabbatical.  This is an important season in the life of a church leader, designed to offer rest, re-creation and reinvigoration to a priest and his family. Additionally, the Sabbatical is beneficial for a church as it seeks to hear from God about His mission for the church while leadership from within the parish emerges in new ways. Peet has written a helpful article casting vision for his upcoming Sabbatical which can be read here.

Sabbatical is something the Diocese of South Carolina recommends after a minimum of 5 years in a full time leadership position; Peet will be starting his 9th year at the Cathedral this summer.  You can read more about the Diocesan guidelines for Sabbatical here.

Peet will be away from the Cathedral June 19-September 19.  He will not be present at Cathedral functions, will have his email and cell phone turned off, and will be generally inaccessible to the church body.

Since the fall of last year, a Sabbatical Committee has been planning  for Peet’s time away.  A fantastic team of existing staff members, volunteer priests, and your Wardens and Vestry are poised to guide the church through this season.  We are planning for an active season of ministry through the Summer and into the Fall and expect God to continue the good work His is already accomplishing at the Cathedral.

You play an important part in the Sabbatical.  It will be through your praying that the Lord will reap good things in the Dickinson family and in the Cathedral Church.  It will be through your active engagement in ministry that we will continue to live into our identity as a diverse, urban, Anglican church that, being formed in the beauty of the Gospel, exists to worship God and love our city, even as our senior leader is away.

Additionally, it will be through your generous giving, beyond your regular donations to the Cathedral, that will enable the Dickinson family to maximize the Sabbatical opportunity.  This time of rest and restoration for a family of five is not without cost.  It involves travel, lodging, developmental endeavors, educational opportunities and recreational activities.  Our hope is that we afford the Dickinson family the chance to make the most of this rare window of their lives, trusting that what will be good for Peet and his family will be good for the Cathedral.

After consulting other churches who have sent leaders on Sabbatical, the Committee is recommending a fund of $20,000 to help offset the cost of this 3 month initiative.  Our hope is that the Cathedral Body will delight in sharing of their resources to make Sabbatical possible for the Dickinson family.  Would you prayerfully consider how you can play a part and consider giving to the Sabbatical fund?  Our deadline is April 9th (Palm Sunday) and you can give either via check made out to the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul with “Sabbatical” in the memo line OR you can donate online to the Sabbatical Fund here.

Thank you for your participation in the ministry of the Cathedral Church.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Sabbatical Committee through the church office or by emailing

In His Service,

The Sabbatical Committee

Todd Lant – Senior Warden, Edward Hart, Carol Galvan, Bradford Marshall, Patrick Schlabs – Pastoral Associate, Ryan Thompson – Pastoral Associate