Next Steps

We’d love a chance to hear your story, tell you a bit about us, and help you to connect in our common life. 

Step One

Introduce Yourself

We’d love to meet you! You can introduce yourself by filling out our information card or signing up for our weekly newsletter in the footer of the website. 

Step Two

Join us for Brunch

This meal will give us a chance to hear your story and share a bit about the history and vision of the Cathedral. You’ll also get a chance to meet some of our staff and other newcomers at the Cathedral. Register for our next brunch.

Step Three

Explore our Groups

Explore all of the Cathedral community groups that meet up on various days of the weeks for care, friendship and discipleship. Email the leader directly and then visit the group in person!

Step Four

Attend Intro Class

Learn about Anglicanism, the Cathedral, and explore membership at Intro to the Cathedral Class. These three-week meetings on Sundays will seek to answer all your questions. Register for our next Intro Class

Step Five

Sign up to Serve

Serving alongside other believers is one of the best ways to begin a friendship. We offer many opportunities to serve. Explore the many ways you can serve on Sundays and throughout the week, then email the team leader, and get involved.