Who We Are

The Cathedral is an accessible Anglican Church in Downtown Charleston. We seek to cultivate Christ’s likeness in our common life. 

Our Mission

Cultivating Christ’s likeness in our common life.

Our Vision


To be a community of confident, humble disciples cultivating a kingdom presence in post-Christian Charleston.

Our Values

Common Prayer

To Know and Love God

Common Life

To Know and Love One Another

Common Grace

To Know and Love Our World

Common Good

To Know and Love Our Neighbor

Our Leaders

Peet Dickinson

Dean and Rector

Peet Dickinson serves as rector and dean of the Cathedral. His role involves leading, preaching, and shepherding the people of the church. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Peet has degrees from Wake Forest University and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Before being called to the Cathedral in 2009, he previously served as youth minister at Church of the Redeemer in Orangeburg and as associate rector at St Michael’s in Charleston. Peet is married to Jenny, and they live in the Westside neighborhood with their three children. Contact Peet

Sandi Kerner

Canon for Prayer and Pastoral Care

Sandi Kerner serves in the areas of prayer and pastoral care in our church and diocese. She is from Pennsylvania and has degrees from Penn State, Union Theological Seminary, and Trinity School for Ministry. Sandi has served in churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. Sandi previously served as chaplain at St Christopher Camp and Conference Center and calls John’s Island home. Contact Sandi

Patrick Schlabs

Canon for Cultural Engagement

Patrick Schlabs leads in the areas of worship, teaching, and mission. He grew up in the Texas Panhandle and led musical worship in a large non-denominational church. After moving to Charleston in 2011, he attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and was ordained as a priest in 2015. He joined the staff of the Cathedral in January of 2016. Patrick is married to Meg and they have three children- Judah, Bridget, and Merryn. They live on the peninsula in North Central. Contact Patrick

Zach Barton

Director of Children’s Ministry

Zach oversees the Cathedral’s ministry to children and families. This role includes overseeing our nursery and children’s formation during Sunday services and equipping parents to disciple their kids. Zach grew up in Texas and holds an M.Div from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently an aspirant for holy orders. Prior to his arrival in Charleston, Zach has served churches in Texas, Florida, and Boston, MA. Contact Zach. 

Kathleen Brinson

Director of Community Groups

Kathleen is responsible for overseeing community group ministry at the Cathedral as well as organizing, training, resourcing, and encouraging community group leaders. She is originally from Alabama and is a graduate of the College of Charleston. Before joining our staff, Kathleen worked as a middle school Spanish teacher and ESL teacher. She is married to Mike and they live in Hanahan with their two sons John Michael and WalterContact Kathleen.

Hunter Myers

Canon for Student Ministry

Hunter leads the student ministries at the Cathedral. He was born in Denver, but grew up in South Carolina. He attended Columbia International University where he studied youth ministry and philosophy. Prior to coming to the Cathedral, Hunter served churches in Irmo and Columbia. Hunter is married to Karina and they call North Charleston home. He is a candidate for holy orders and is pursuing a Masters in Theological Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Hunter also serves part-time as the Canon for Student Ministry for our diocese. Contact Hunter

Anthony Royal

Director of Buildings & Grounds

Anthony Royal is responsible for all the buildings and grounds of our historic church. He is a native of Charleston, South Carolina where he graduated from Burke High School. Since accepting the call to serve  at the Cathedral in 1995, Anthony has worked hard behind the scenes as our sexton, managing our building and grounds. Anthony is married to Stacy, and they have six grown children and 2 grandchildren. Contact Anthony.

Larry Speakman

Director of Choral Ministry

Larry Speakman oversees our Cathedral Choir. Originally from Philadelphia,  Larry holds degrees from Westminster Choir College and East Carolina University. Before accepting the call at the Cathedral, he led the Concert Singers of Cary, NC and the progressive Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham. Larry and his wife, Ingrid, live in North Mt. Pleasant. Contact Larry

Jillian Barton

Assistant for Administration & Events

Jillian oversees our Cathedral events as well as daily administrative tasks at the church. Originally from South Carolina, Jillian grew up all over the southeast and comes to us from Boston where she was an active member of her church. Jillian enjoys being in nature and spending time with her family. Contact Jillian

Taylor Daniel

Anglican Campus Minister

Taylor serves as Anglican Campus Minister to the College of Charleston in partnership with the diocese and three additional downtown Charleston Anglican churches. In his free time, Taylor is a certified nerd who enjoys reading boring books and watching sports he would never be able to effectively play (like basketball). Contact Taylor

Our Beliefs

We believe that our Triune God is bringing salvation and restoration to his broken creation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everyone who trusts in the finished work of Christ is made righteous in Christ and invited to join God in his work of renewal in the world.

The Creeds

We are a part of the historic, orthodox Christian Church and holds to the beliefs as outlined  in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. These creeds serve as the touchstones for all faithful Christians and we affirm this through our weekly confession of the creeds in our Sunday worship gatherings.

Our Tradition

Anglicans are catholic

The roots of Anglicanism stretch back to the first centuries of the church. For this reason, we seek to maintain our identity as catholic Christians through our robust commitment to historic liturgy and regular practice of the sacraments. Anglicans seek to embrace elements of worship and theology that have been practiced throughout the history of the Church while continuing to seek fresh ways in which that truth can be expressed in our day.

Anglicans are reformed

As a church birthed out of the Reformation, Anglicans acknowledge that the Scriptures contain everything necessary for salvation. In them, we discover our need for the redemption that is only offered by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. The church is always called to be reforming in light of Scripture, as we seek to submit our traditions and beliefs to its authority.

Anglicans are evangelical

Evangelicalism traces its roots to the First Great Awakening. The movement stressed the importance of personal salvation and the ongoing work of the Spirit in the work of sanctification. This evangelical heritage continues to play an important role in Anglicanism in America and throughout the world. At the Cathedral we cherish these roots and seek to maintain an emphasis on personal transformation while being open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our church. 

39 Articles of Religion

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This historic document, finalized in 1571, is the clearest doctrinal formulation found within Anglicanism. They were originally penned by Thomas Cranmer, the father of Anglicanism, to outline the doctrine and practice of Anglicanism over and against Roman Catholicism and other churches of the Reformation.

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The two foundations of Anglican belief and practice are the 39 Articles and the Book of Common Prayer. Emerging from the English Reformation, the 39 Articles serves as the primary doctrinal statement for Anglicanism, while the Book of Common Prayer provides the shape and substance of public and private devotional life. 

The Book of Common Prayer

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Since the earliest days of the Anglican church, we have been united by a common order and form of worship, outlined and prescribed by our Book of Common Prayer. Although this book has undergone various changes and adaptations through the centuries, its familiar rhythms and language bind Anglicans together in common praise of our Triune God.

Cathedral History

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Since 1816 the Cathedral has sought to bear witness to the gospel on the corner of Coming and Vanderhorst streets in Charleston. Though the church was founded by planters and built by the hands of slaves, God has mercifully allowed the church to bear witness of Him through sin and despair, through grace and hope. Despite a past marred by sin and a present mired in change, we believe that God has called the Cathedral Church of St Luke and St Paul to continue this witness as the heart of God for the heart of Charleston. 

Anglican History

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Anglicanism began as a reform movement in the catholic church in England that sought to reclaim the authority of the Bible and the doctrine of justification by faith. Since that time, our church has seen the restoration of historic worship elements and the renewal of evangelical faith. At its best, Anglicanism continues to incorporate each of these movements into the ongoing life and worship of our church.

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The Cathedral is a part of  the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina and a member of the Anglican Church in North America. We are committed to an episcopal form of church governance and are submitted to the leadership of our bishop, Chip Edgar, and our Archbishop, Foley Beach.